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  • Campus Disability Policies

    Campus Disability Policies Employment Disability Policies Office of Compliance policies listing

  • Confidential Student File Access Guidelines

    Students registered with the McBurney Disability Resource Center are permitted access to their personal confidential file under the following guidelines: Students requesting release of confidential information from their files to themselves or to third parties …

  • Disability Documentation and Confidentiality Policy

    Introduction The University has an obligation to confirm that students receiving accommodations have verified disabilities. It has charged the McBurney Disability Resource Center with the verification and accommodation recommendation responsibility for students. The McBurney Center …

  • Student Accommodation Grievance/Appeal Process

    The Office of Compliance’s student ADA page outlines the process for students to formally appeal a denial of accommodation (instructional and non-instructional) decision made by an individual faculty member, an academic or administrative department, or …

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