First Year Student (and Parent) Orientation – MOST

Overview - MOST Program for New Freshmen and Parents

About MOST

The McBurney Orientation and Service Training (MOST) Program helps new freshmen and their parents get the MOST out of their transition to UW-Madison. Participants will have the opportunity to complete McBurney orientation and service training activities before the start of Wisconsin Welcome. The MOST program includes free, early move-in for students living in UW-Madison Residence Halls.

In order to receive an invitation to the MOST program, students must be determined eligible for McBurney services. Eligibility will be determined once you complete an intake appointment and submit documentation. Please see Apply for Accommodations for a detailed explanation.

Topics that will be included in the MOST program include how to use approved classroom accommodations, understanding faculty expectations and perspectives, self-advocacy and more. Students will also have time outside the orientation to contact professors regarding accommodations, locate classes, learn the campus transportation system, purchase books and explore their new home.

Parents are invited to attend the first day of MOST, where they will learn more about how to support their new college students.

Timeline to be Eligible & RSVP for MOST

  1. January 31 to May 1: Submit disability documentation and other required forms to McBurney.McBurney staff work with a large number of undergraduate and graduate students every year. To ensure timely consideration, we recommend that you submit required forms and documentation of disability as soon as you are admitted to UW-Madison.
  2. No Later than July 29: Complete an intake appointment in person or over the phone.Once all the online application is submitted, students will receive an email asking them to schedule an intake appointment with McBurney. This email will be sent to your UW-Madison email account, which you can access by:
    1. Activating your Net ID
    2. Logging into UW-Madison email/calendar using your active Net ID and password
  3. June 1 – August 15: RSVP to the MOST Program.You will receive an email with the link to RSVP once you complete your intake appointment and are approved for McBurney Center services.
  4. August 27 and 28, 2019: Attend MOST. Students and their guests are invited to attend day one on the 27th from 2:30-5:30 p.m.  Day two is for students only and will begin at 9:00 a.m.

More Information about the MOST Program

  • Housing Options

    For Students with UW-Madison Residence Hall Contracts:

    Taking part in the MOST program will allow students to move into UW-Madison Residence Halls early. Please check the list of UW-Madison Residence Halls to see if this applies to your housing arrangements. Keep in mind that you must establish eligibility for McBurney services and meet the MOST Program RSVP deadline to be eligible for early move in, starting at 8:00 am on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. Start now to ensure you won’t miss the summer deadline.

    For Students in Private Residence Halls or Apartments:

    If you are living in a private residence hall or apartment, we recommend you contact your private housing provider for information regarding early move in. You may also want to check for additional information on short term housing for students and/or parents.

  • Options for Students Unable to Attend the MOST Program

    Students unable to attend MOST should do the following:

    • Complete the online RSVP form so we know you are unable to attend the program. You will receive an email with the link to RSVP once you have completed your intake appointment and are approved for McBurney services.
    • Contact our office to sign up for alternate training times if you are approved for any services that require training (i.e., alternative testing, notetaking, smartpen, flexibility letters, interpreting, CART). These sessions are scheduled during Wisconsin Welcome or the early weeks of classes.
    • Completing training sessions is required before services can be used.

Comments from Previous Attendees


  • “Getting to know other students made it easier to make the transition to college.”
  • “It was helpful for me to meet other students with a disability similar to mine.”
  • “I enjoyed hearing from different professors about their preferences and what they like and dislike.”
  • “The Orientation and Training Program provided helpful information that proved to be effective!”
  • “It was wonderful being able to move in early!”


  • “Having it on a Sunday and providing an early move-in date were both incredibly helpful. My daughter had reservations about all the sessions but came away impressed, empowered, and ready!”
  • “Your team came across as supportive, but not “motherly”. It is nice to know our daughter has a place, on a large campus, to be known and find answers. I also appreciate your coaching her to talk to campus professors often and early. If she gains this skill as a freshman, she will be well prepared for her college academic career.”
  • “I most enjoyed hearing the students give their honest opinions about their experiences and giving helpful advice to incoming freshmen”.
  • “The student panel was on the mark. Great!”