Counseling Psychology 115, Transition to College

Overview of Course

  • Counseling Psychology 115 (LEC 001)
  • Who: All UW-Madison freshmen with disabilities are encouraged to enroll.
  • When: Tuesdays from 2:30-3:45 PM for the Fall 2024 semester (September 10 – November 12)
  • Where: The Admissions Conference Room in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment (702 W Johnson St)
  • Credits: 1.0 university credit
  • Instructors: This class is facilitated by McBurney Center Access Consultants who work with university students and focus specifically on disability-related barriers.

Goals for the Course

  • To create a relaxed environment for college students with disabilities and/or learning differences to learn effective skills and strategies to navigate the transition process
  • To enhance personal/interpersonal skills, increase self-knowledge, and gain greater awareness of personal strengths and challenges toward fostering a meaningful transition to college and the collegiate experience
  • To increase the knowledge level and familiarity of relevant campus resources (e.g., services, events, people, etc.)

Feedback from Previous Course Participants

  • Heather and Tessa did an OUTSTANDING job leading this course. Through their teachings of various stress techniques and time management skills, I was not only able to make an easier transition to freshman year but enhance my self-advocacy skills.
  • I was able to reflect on my disability and understand how to communicate it to others.
  • The relaxing environment was different than all other Madison courses.
  • I appreciated all the different resources the class taught us, lots of helpful info.
  • Class did a really good job of normalizing disability and the need for accommodations, which really helped me feel more comfortable talking to teachers.
  • I thought it was very comforting and I honestly looked forward to it.

How Do I Register

Students can register for the course while at SOAR or by logging into Course Search and Enroll and registering for the one-credit group course: Counseling Psychology 115, Transition to College.

For more information:

Contact Transition Coordinator