Mission and Vision


Leading the campus community forward in access for students with disabilities.


Our vision is a universally accessible educational community that fosters the full participation and contribution of every member, with individual accommodation needed only in unique or uncommon situations.

Strategic Priorities

  • Increase Programming and Opportunities for Students in Order to Build Community: We will create opportunities to foster connections and actively work toward increasing community-building opportunities for students.
  • Improve Usability of the McBurney Center Website: We will condense and simplify current web page content and tools in order to increase ease of navigation and user access.
  • Streamline Workflow and Processes to Enhance User Experience: We will simplify and reduce steps in McBurney processes to relieve undue administrative burden on all stakeholders.
  • Strengthen Internal Collaboration and Community: We will create and share information, allowing for a more complete understanding of McBurney and improving direct services to students and the campus community. By strengthening relationships, we create greater wellness and positive office culture.
  • Develop and Implement a Campus Outreach/Training Plan: We will create awareness and understanding of the role and processes of McBurney, student accommodations, and the students we serve. Training could include components of accommodations, universal design, disability, identity and culture.

Core Values

  • Social Justice: We commit to actively recognize the perceptions and experiences of individuals with whom we interact and how they are impacted by their statuses in the community. We recognize disability as one aspect of an individual’s social identity.
  • Inclusion: We foster a sense of belonging across campus by ensuring that people with disabilities have equal rights, access, representation, opportunities and expression of their culture.
  • Student-Centered: We champion decisions, processes and policies that protect students’ right to reasonable accommodations and that encourage their personal growth.
  • Empowerment: We provide information, tools and training that support student self-advocacy and self-determination and that also guide our campus in providing equal access to education.
  • Excellence: We offer high quality and innovative services in a streamlined and accessible manner to students in their pursuit of a world-class education.
  • Integrity: We adhere to ethical, legal and professional standards while providing services in an equitable and consistent manner.