Accommodations for Visitors and Program Participants

The University of Wisconsin-Madison provides processes for visitors and program participants who are not employees or students to request reasonable accommodations.  Our goal is to provide a prompt response for reasonable accommodation requests and to provide access to the programs and facilities of the university.

Most accommodations for visitors and program participants are provided directly through the hosting unit.  However, the Visitor and Program Participant Access Consultant at the McBurney Center is available to answer questions, consult with departments, and assist in identifying who to contact to make a request.

Departments and Hosting Units

Are you a faculty, staff, or student organization who has questions about visitor or program participant accommodations or needs training?  Please complete the following form or call the McBurney Center at voice/Relay711 at (608) 263-2741 or text us at (608) 225-7956. Business hours are 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Visitor/Guest/Program Participant Reasonable Accommodation Consultation Form

Visitor and Program Participants

If you are a visitor or program participant, you can request accommodations by contacting the hosting unit.  If you have general questions regarding the accommodation request process or are unable to locate contact info for the hosting unit, please let us know.

More Information for Visitors and Program Participants

Requesting Sign Language Interpreting or Professional Live Captioning (CART)

Visitors and program participants who need sign language interpreting or professional live captioning (CART) can either contact the hosting unit or complete the following form.

Request Sign Language Interpreting or Captioning (No UW NetID)