Notetakers – Becoming a Notetaker Training

Applying to be a Notetaker

Learn how to fill out a short online application in McBurney Connect


Requesting Notetaking Assignments (Entering Course Numbers Each Semester for Classes You Can Take Notes)

Learn where to find your 5 digit course numbers in your Student Center and enter them in McBurney Connect each semester for the classes you are available to provide copies of your notes.


Confirming Your Assignment(s)

Learn how to confirm your assignment in McBurney Connect when you have been assigned to be a Notetaker for a class.


Cancelling Your Assignment(s)

Learn how to cancel a Notetaking assignment in McBurney Connect if you are no longer able to provide copies of your notes (e.g. you drop a course)


Uploading Your Notes

Learn how to upload notes to McBurney Connect


Signing Your Notetaking Invoice (Near to the End of the Semester)

All notetakers will need to sign an invoice in McBurney Connect near the end of each semester. In this training video, you will learn how to sign the invoice.