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Students: How to Apply for Disability-Related Accommodations (How to Become a McBurney Client)

4 Steps to Apply for Accommodations

1. Complete the McBurney Connect Student Application.

2. Start gathering and submitting documentation of your disability(s).

  • Submit any relevant disability-related documentation that you have on hand (e.g., IEP or 504 plan, etc.)
  • Work on getting copies of the necessary documentation listed in the chart below.


Disability Type

Appropriate Disability Assessment Form to Return to McBurney

Learning Disability

Submit a recent psychoeducational evaluation (within the last 3 years for high school students and the last 5 years for adults) with test analysis and interpretation.

(See Learning Disability page for additional information.)


AD/HD Disability Assessment Form

A recent psychoeducational evaluation (within the last 3 years for high school students and the last 5 years for adults) with test analysis and interpretation may be submitted in lieu of the AD/HD Disability Assessment Form.

Psychiatric/Mental Health

Psychiatric Disability Assessment Form

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

General Disability Assessment Form plus an audiological evaluation and/or audiogram, no older than 3 years if loss is progressive

Mobility, Systemic,  or Health-Related Disabilities

General Disability Assessment Form

Low Vision or Blindness

General Disability Assessment Form and vision exam/evaluation report from an appropriate eye care professional, such as an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or low vision specialist

Traumatic Brain Injury

General Disability Assessment Form

A recent neuropsychological assessment (within the last 3 years for high school students and the last 5 years for adults) with test analysis and interpretation may also be required.

Please see Disability Documentation Policies for additional information on disability documentation.

3. Check your email (@wisc.edu email if activated) for next steps while you are gathering documentation of your disability.

Your next steps may include submitting additional documentation or scheduling an intake appointment.

If you don't receive an email within 5 business days of submitting the "McBurney Connect Student Application", please contact us.

McBurney sends information to your @wisc.edu account. Please activate your account as soon as possible.


4. Participate in an intake appointment.

You will receive an email inviting you to schedule an intake appointment. If you are not living near Madison, the intake can be done via phone or video conferencing.

If You Are Found Eligible for Services

  • Your accommodation specialist will record all recommended accommodations in McBurney Connect. You can view approved accommodations in McBurney Connect by clicking on "My Eligibility".
  • You will receive instructions for completing training on all approved accommodations that require training.
  • You will need to follow procedures for arranging accommodations that you learned about during training.
  • You should contact McBurney staff if you are experiencing any problems and need assistance in resolving them.

Students Requesting Sign Language Interpreters Captioning/CART, Closed Captioning, and Braille

How long does it take to receive McBurney accommodations?

Students should allow enough time to 1) complete the eligibility determination process and 2) make arrangements for accommodations. Turnaround times will depend upon time of year, how quickly appropriate disability documentation is submitted, and the accommodations being requested. Once you have completed the eligibility process, some accommodations such as alternative testing and notetaking can generally be arranged in a few weeks with the help of faculty. Accommodations such as sign language interpreting, captioning/CART, closed captioning and braille may take up to 8 weeks to arrange.

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