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  • Accommodation Advising
    McBurney accommodation specialists provide disability-related counseling and advising. Specific questions about academic and degree requirements should be directed to academic advisors.

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  • Adaptive/Assistive Technology Access
    Adaptive computer technology is available in several locations around campus, including the campus computer labs (aka InfoLabs). Additional adaptive technology is available in the McBurney Learning Resource Room located in the Memorial Library.

    Students requiring a higher level of access than currently exists at any given location should make specific, written requests directly to the lab or library's director. Upon request, McBurney staff can assist in advocating for the adaptive computer needs of students.

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  • Advocacy/Liaison
    Advocacy and liaison services are available to McBurney clients who are experiencing difficulties obtaining appropriate accommodations with University faculty and staff. Contact your McBurney accommodation specialist to discuss your specific situation. Each academic department and administrative unit on campus also has an Access and Accommodation Resource Coordinator (AARC), an individual specifically appointed to work with students, faculty and staff on disability issues.

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  • Assistive Listening Devices
    Personal FM systems, a conference microphone and an induction system are available for short and long-term loan. Registered McBurney clients have first priority for FM requests for academically-related accommodations. Additional FM units will be obtained on an as-needed basis for registered clients and other contacts falling within the scope of McBurney services (i.e., prospective students). Please make your accommodation request as early in advance as possible to ensure availability of requested ALD equipment. For more information please look at the Assistive Listening Device (ALD) Policy and Resource Sheet.

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  • Class Relocation Recommendation
    McBurney accommodation specialists can provide assistance, if needed, to students requesting that a class be relocated to an accessible room. Students should first make the request to the faculty member.

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  • Course Substitution Evaluation
    McBurney accommodation specialists will provide appropriate assistance to students requesting extraordinary accommodations to the general education communications and quantitative reasoning requirements. McBurney staff will also provide assistance to students requesting substitution to the foreign language requirement in the College of Letters and Science..

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  • Elevator Access and Keys

    The following buildings have elevators with some floors that require an authorized current Wiscard.

    • Van Hise (getting on or off at floors 2-4 is restricted)- Please contact your accommodation specialist and allow at least 48 business hours to ensure processing time.
    • Computer Science & Statistics Building (the tower 3 elevator has restricted access after business hours). Please contact your instructor or supervisor if this access is appropriate.

    The following building(s) have elevators with some floors that require a key.

    • The SERF - A key may be checked out from towel room at the SERF with your Student ID.
    If you encounter barriers with buildings or elevators that are not listed above, please call or email McBurney for further assistance.

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  • Laboratory Assistance
    Students who anticipate needing accommodations for laboratory courses should discuss their concerns with the instructor. Laboratory assistants can be provided through McBurney if assistance cannot be provided through the department. Students should make requests early to allow sufficient time to recruit, hire and train appropriate personnel. Please email B.A. Scheuers for more information.

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  • Notetaking Support
    Students who need notes on an intermittent basis (for disability-related absences, days when flare-ups of conditions make concentration or writing difficult, etc.) should arrange to get notes from a fellow student in the class. McBurney can provide letters to the faculty to recruit a volunteer, if assistance is needed. The volunteer could email notes to the McBurney client in Word, PDF, or other formats. The volunteer could also use a carbonized tablet of paper or a copy card to photocopy notes. Tablets or copy cards can be picked up at McBurney's main desk. Students should let the receptionist know they are approved for notetaking support.

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  • Preferential Seating Recommendation
    McBurney accommodation specialists will recommend preferential seating for students. Students should show their VISA to the faculty member to request this accommodation. Any difficulties obtaining the accommodation should be discussed with the accommodation specialist.

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  • Reduced Credit Load Recommendation
    Students unable to take a full-time course load because of their disabilities may be approved for a reduced course load. McBurney will contact the Registrar's Office and request that these students be viewed as full-time for the purpose of enrollment. This may prevent students from being dropped from their parents insurance coverage if full-time status is required. For financial aid purposes, the student will still be viewed as part-time. For more information, contact your McBurney accommodation specialist.

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  • Registration Assistance
    Assistance with web registration can be provided. Contact your McBurney accommodation specialist to schedule a time.

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