Becoming a Notetaker

Applying to be a Notetaker

Notetakers must be a UW-Madison student currently enrolled in the class for which they are requesting a notetaking assignment.  The first part of the process is to complete a short, online application to let us know that you are interested in being a notetaker and which classes you could provide copies of your notes.  As part of the application you can elect to get paid for your notes or to be a volunteer.

  1. Review online training for Applying to be a Notetaker and eligibility requirements
  2. Apply to Be a Notetaker on McBurney Connect and Request Notetaking Assignments (Selecting from your Courses/Sections)
  3. Review the information below to determine what employment documentation you may need to provide to get paid
  4. Watch your email for a Notetaking Assignment

Accepting Your First Notetaking Assignment as a Paid Notetaker

If you receive an email from the McBurney Connect system that you have been assigned to a class, you must follow the instructions below to receive payment. (If you are volunteering to share notes, you may skip this section.)

Notetakers are employed as student hourlies and are paid a lump sum of $125 per class (minus any state and federal payroll taxes). Payment is made about 6 weeks after the end of the semester via direct deposit. If the class is dropped or notes are no longer needed, payment is prorated (classes that don’t follow the standard 15-week semester are paid in a similar, prorated fashion):

Notetaker Reimbursement
1-3 Weeks: $25
4-6 Weeks: $50
7-10 Weeks: $75
11-14 Weeks: $100
15 Weeks: $125

1. Complete the Required Notetaker Employment Survey from the link in the assignment confirmation email within 24 hours of accepting a notetaking assignment.

2. If you are NOT currently employed by UW-Madison, you must submit employment documents to McBurney Center within 3 days of starting a notetaking assignment. Appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes with the Notetaking Hiring and Payment Coordinator. Note: Appointments made before June 1, 2021 will be held remotely via Google Meet. Starting June 1, 2021 all appointments will be held in-person at the McBurney Disability Resource Center (702 W. Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53715). To schedule an appointment, email the Notetaking Hiring and Payment Coordinator with 3 dates and times that you would be available to complete the hiring process.


  • I-9 supporting documents must be original and unexpired.  No copies will be accepted.
  • Even if you provided I-9 supporting documents to a previous UW-Madison employer and they have not expired, the McBurney Center is required to verify your identity by examining the original documents again.
  • After you are added to the McBurney Center’s payroll, you will be able to submit direct deposit information and Federal and State W-4 forms online. Please read the direct deposit instructions carefully; failure to submit accurate direct deposit information may delay payment or result in issuance of a US Bank Focus Card.

3. International Students: In addition to completing and submitting the Required Notetaker Employment Survey, W-4, Direct Deposit, and Identification Documents (must be original and current documents) will need:

  • To apply for a social security number and obtain the number before we can pay you. The McBurney Center will email you the necessary Offer of Employment letter after you accept a notetaking assignment.
  • A Glacier account if you do not already have one. For more information on Glacier visit the Payroll Services website. A Glacier account will be automatically generated once you are hired and have turned in your W-4 form.

3. Near the end of the semester you will receive an email notifying you that your invoice is available for you to sign online in McBurney Connect.

Checking on Your Payment

Payment is generally made six weeks after the end of the semester via direct deposit. Students with other campus jobs will have their notetaking payment added to their usual payroll check.

Students can check on their payment by going to MyUW, selecting the “Payroll Information” app and opening the applicable earning statement. You should see a “Student Hrly Lump Pmt” notation that corresponds to the payment for notes.

Contact the Notetaking Payment Coordinator with questions or issues.