Alternative Testing

Alternative Testing accommodations provide access to course tests, mid-terms, quizzes, final exams, and other assessments.  Most common alternative testing accommodations are provided within the departments.

Students should discuss and arrange their test accommodations with faculty as early as possible (generally, no later than the end of the third week of the semester).


Most students complete training for different types of alternative testing accommodations online.  Students should contact their McBurney access consultant if they test with technology, need additional training, or have questions.

Alternative Testing Online Training

Testing with Assistive Technology

Students who use assistive or adaptive technology during accommodations commonly test at the Testing and Evaluation Office, but can test in the department if the necessary technology is available.  In-person group training is available at the start of the fall semester, and individual training is available at other times of the year.

Tips for Students

  • Contact instructors during the first week of class and confirm all test accommodation arrangements before the end of the 3rd week.
    • Be prepared when meeting with instructors.  Make sure you have your schedule.
    • If relevant to your accommodations (e.g. large print or audio), discuss the formatting of the exam.
    • If you are taking an exam at the Testing and Evaluation Center due to your specific approved accommodations or if your instructor is unable to accommodate within the department, please review the Testing Center’s accommodated exam request process which begins with instructor initiation. All requests must be finalized a minimum of 3 business days in advance of the exam date.
  • Try out approved assistive/adaptive technology before your first exam.
  • Remind instructors about your test accommodations a week before each exam.
  • Don’t agree to inappropriate test accommodations. Contact your access consultant prior to taking the exam. Once you’ve taken the exam, you have waived the opportunity for your recommended accommodations for that exam.
  • Show up on time to take the exam.
  • Uphold the integrity of the examination process.  Remember, the same academic honesty standards apply when taking tests with accommodations.

Sample Emails to Instructors

We suggest that you copy and paste the text below into your email program. Then, edit and personalize the email as appropriate. There are several placeholders indicated by “<INSERT …>” to enter the instructor name, your name, course info, and available days/times.

Scheduling Test Accommodations Meeting with Instructor – Sample Email

[Subject Line]: Test accommodations for <INSERT COURSE NAME/NUMBER>


My name is <INSERT YOUR NAME>. I am in your <INSERT COURSE NAME/NUMBER> class. I work with the McBurney Disability Resource Center and am approved for disability-related accommodations. I would like to meet with you to discuss the accommodations I would like to request in your class to arrange accommodations for testing for the semester.

I am available during your office hours on <INSERT DAYS/TIMES> and would like to meet with you then to discuss this privately.


I am not available to meet during your office hours. I am available the following days and times: <INSERT DAYS/TIMES>. Please let me know if any of these options would work for you.

Thank you,


Confirming Test Accommodations – Sample Email

[Subject Line]: Confirming test accommodations for <INSERT COURSE NAME/NUMBER> on <INSERT DAY/TIME>


I’m writing to remind you that I will need the following accommodations for the <INSERT COURSE NAME/NUMBER> test on <INSERT DAY/TIME>:   My understanding is that I will be taking the test at <INSERT BUILDING/ROOM #> on <INSERT DAY/TIME>.

The accommodations we had discussed were:


Thank you again for meeting with me. I am looking forward to a successful semester.

Thank you,