Foundations (Modules 1-3) – McBurney Disability Resource Center Disability Training Series

This professional development series has been created to assist the UW-Madison community in understanding the history, resources, policies and procedures associated with providing access and accommodations to individuals with disabilities on our campus. Modules 1-3 include an overview of the disability rights movement, the history of accommodation and services at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and how the McBurney Disability Resource Center serves students with disabilities. These modules, each approximately 7 minutes long, can be viewed individually or as a series.

Important Content Update Notice

As of Summer 2018, McBurney transitioned away from the paper McBurney VISA (Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations) to electronic Student Accommodation Letters emailed from our new database system McBurney Connect. Instead of students coming to you with a paper form as shown in the videos, instructors of record will receive an emails with the Student Accommodation Letter (previously called Faculty Notification Letters) for each student for each class section, starting about two weeks before . You’ll also be able to access the Student Accommodation Letters through the Instructor Portal of the McBurney Connect system.

McBurney Connect has also updated our Notetaking accommodation service, which has reduced the faculty workload related to recruiting notetakers. The Notetaking Coordinator will only reach out to you if we are having difficulty finding a notetaker from within the McBurney Connect system.