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Notetaking - Smartpens

Description of the Smartpen Service

The Smartpen Service provides loaner Livescribe Echo smartpens and supplies for taking class notes to qualified students with disabilities. The smartpens allow students to take written notes and simultaneously records the lecture. After the lecture, students can touch the pen to any part of their notes and listen to the audio recording at that particular point in time. This allows students to fill in information they may have been unable to write down during class.

Information for Smartpen Service Users

Smartpen Service users are expected to do the following:
  1. Complete Smartpen Service user training. A smartpen and supplies will be provided at training.
  2. Contact the faculty to let them know you will be using a smartpen prior to recording the class. Be familiar with the Board of Regent's policy "Copying and Recording of Instructional Materials or Lectures" so you know the guidelines on when it may or may not be appropriate to record the class. Consult with your accommodation specialist if you need assistance.
  3. Take proper care of the smartpen. You will be issued the same smartpen each semester and will be responsible for the replacement cost of a pen that is lost, stolen, or damaged due to improper care. Use only the USB cord provided to charge your pen!
  4. Never register or authorize the pen under your own name.
  5. Always back up your smartpen files to the Echo Desktop. If your pen is lost, stolen or damaged, you need to have at least one other way to access your files. You can also back up your Echo Desktop data.
  6. Return the smartpen when it is due. Most loans expire at the end of every semester. If the Smartpen Service hasn't expired on your VISA, you may extend your loan through the spring semester by emailing the Smartpen Coordinator. You must return your smartpen at the conclusion of the spring semester, though, for the smartpen's annual check-up! If you do not return your smartpen, you may have a hold placed on your registration and/or transcript.
  7. Respond to emails from the Smartpen Coordinator asking whether you plan to continue using the pen. McBurney wants to ensure we have enough smarpens for continuing users as well as new students. Expect to receive an email near the end of the spring semester asking if you will want a pen for summer or fall classes. If you let us know, we will have your smartpen ready for you to pick up before classes begin. If you do not let us know, you may have to wait for a new smartpen order to arrive.
  8. We prefer that you also email the Smartpen Coordinator if you need more notebooks or ink cartridges so we can have them waiting for you at the main desk. In emergency situations, McBurney's front desk staff can provide these. Remember to always keep an extra ink cartridge with you during class just in case.

Resources for Smartpen Users

The following links provide additonal informational resources for smartpen users:

Contact Information for the Smarpten Service Coordinator

The Smartpen Service Coordinator, a part-time student employee, is best reached via the smartpen coordinator's email address (mcbsmartpen@studentlife.wisc.edu) or by calling the main desk at 608 263-2741.

Smartpen Coordinator Hours for Fall 2016:

  • Mondays: 9:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Tuesdays: 8:30 am to 10:30 am and 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Fridays: noon to 4::30 pm
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