Post-Production Media Captioning for Departments for Pre-Recorded Videos/Media

The McBurney Center does not coordinate post-production media captioning for non-classroom requests.  The McBurney Center will contact instructors of record when there is a student accommodation request for captioning for a credit/timetable class.  This page provides info and resources on how departments can caption videos/media to post online or for an event.

Options for post-production captioning for departments:

  1. Media captioning contract vendors – The contract vendors support a variety of video formats and caption file formats.
  2. Do-it-yourself using Kaltura machine captioning – Free, but requires editing and the addition of speaker info, sounds, and tone for compliant captions
    1. Ordering machine captions for media in Kaltura MediaSpace
    2. How to edit captions in Kaltura MediaSpace
    3. How to display captions for media in Kaltura MediaSpace

UW-Madison Guide – Create accessible video and audio content

Media Captioning Tips

  • Obtaining videos/media and creating captions does take time, so please plan ahead to allow time for production of the captioning.
  • Alternatively, select videos/media that already have professional captions.
  • Machine or automatic speech recognition captions need to be edited and to have speaker info, sounds, and tone added in order to provide effective access.
  • If showing as part of an in-person or virtual event, test prior to the event to make sure that your captions are working and you know how to turn them on.
  • If doing a virtual event, test to make sure that the media captions show up in your web conferencing or webinar platform.

More information

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If we are providing CART captioning or sign language interpreting for our event, do we also need to caption our media?

Yes, any media that you show as part of your event needs to have closed or open captions and they need to be turned on, even if you have a captioner and/or interpreter.

How much does it cost to send media to an agency for post-production captioning?

Venders charge different amounts depending on the lead time you provide to produce the captions for your media.   To learn more about vendor prices and turn around times,  please visit: Captioning, transcription, and audio description vendor rate comparison.

Funding Media Captioning Costs

Departments/schools/colleges are responsible for the cost of  media captioning.  See the Funding and Coordinating Accommodations for UW Students with Disabilities policy for more information.