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Doc Con Requests

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Requests

Why the six-week deadline?
The Document Conversion Coordinator often works with publishers in order to provide you with accessible versions of your books, many of which take 4-6 weeks to respond. Even if your specific material will not be coming from a publisher, the first few weeks of the semester are very busy for McBurney and for the organizations we work with (like Learning Ally). You can request materials after the deadline, but there's no guarantee that you'll receive them before they're needed in class. Given the quick turnaround between fall and spring semesters, requests made once Winter Break has started might not be filled until the third or fourth week of the semester. This, of course, doesn't apply to delays that are beyond your control (such as those caused by professors, departments, copy shops, publishers, etc.). The Document Conversion Coordinator will try to make sure that you're not put at a disadvantage due to these delays (e.g. by scanning materials needed for the first few weeks of class).
What is the best way to communicate with the Doc Con Coordinator?
You can communicate with the Doc Con Coordinator by email (docconversion@studentlife.wisc.edu), phone (608-265-5468), or in person (with an appointment). However, email is the primary method used for submitting requests, getting clarification, and letting you know when materials are ready. Thus, it is important that you check email at least weekly and respond promptly, including during the summer and other breaks, to avoid delays in your requests.
I'm not sure if I want Doc Con for a particular class/book. Should I wait until I've gone to a couple classes before requesting the materials?
No! Request any materials that you think you might need before the 6-week deadline. Let the Document Conversion Coordinator (DCC) know which materials you're unsure of. The DCC will locate an accessible version of the material before the semester begins, but will only edit what is needed for the first 2-3 weeks. This should give you time to get a feel for the class and decide if Doc Con will be helpful.
Should I wait to contact the Document Conversion Coordinator until I know my materials for all of my classes?
No, it's easier if you send requests to the Document Conversion Coordinator as you identify what materials you'll need. Waiting to submit requests until all of your professors have responded will likely delay the process and your materials.
What should I do if I add or drop any of my classes?
If you add or drop any classes that you want to use Doc Con for, let the Doc Con Coordinator know as soon as possible so that they can update their records and start filling any new requests you have. Similarly, if you no longer need a book or course reader in an alternative format, please let the Doc Con Coordinator know. It can save us a lot of work.
At Document Conversion training, I learned that I usually have to purchase a book in order to receive Doc Con for it. I'm not planning on buying my books until the first week of the semester. How can I make the 6-week deadline?
Although we usually can't release any materials to you until you have purchased the book, you can request books before you buy them. Check your email in January and during the summer! The Document Conversion Coordinator will be contacting you to find out if you've purchased your books yet.
Why do I have to purchase the book?
You are required to purchase the materials being provided in an alternative format to remain in compliance with applicable copyright laws. Please also refer to the Policies and Procedures document you received at the initial Doc Con training.
What do I need to do once I purchase my books?
Remember that you will need to provide a copy of your receipts before we can release any alternate formats of the materials to you. There are several ways you can do this:
I emailed my professor but (s)he hasn't responded. What should I do?
Give your professors two weeks to respond to your emails. After that, contact them again and email the Document Conversion Coordinator (DCC) to let us know you are having problems. The DCC may be able to help by following up with the professor(s) and possibly the departments. Often professors do not respond to your emails because they are not sure what materials they'll be using.
There isn't a professor listed on the Timetable or in the Student Center for one of my classes. Who should I contact?
You can contact the department to find out if they know who will be teaching the class. If they don't know or if you experience difficulties, contact the Document Conversion Coordinator (DCC) for assistance. It is important that you check email regularly as the DCC may contact you with follow-up questions.
What kinds of materials can I receive through Doc Con?
If you are approved for Doc Con, you can request your various course materials (including textbooks, readers, workbooks, lab manuals) in the type(s) listed on your VISA. Some students find that audio formats only help them with textbooks and long readers, while others find that these formats are helpful for workbooks and lab manuals as well. Please only request the materials that you expect will be helpful. If you later find out materials that you requested are not helpful, please contact the Document Conversion Coordinator.
Are footnotes, images, and bibliographies converted?
In general, we do not convert footnotes, images, or bibliographies. If you feel that footnotes and/or images are necessary for a particular text, contact the Document Conversion Coordinator.
This was my first semester using Doc Con. Is there anything else I need to complete before requesting materials for next semester?
If this was your first semester using Document Conversion, you will need to complete the second Doc Con training, which will be sent to you via email. The training consists of reading a short training online then answering three questions that are included in the email. Let the Doc Con Coordinator know if you have not yet received a copy of the training. If you do not complete the training by the request deadline for the next semester, your requests will be considered late.
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