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Resumes and Cover Letters

Developing an effective resume and cover letter will be essential in your application process. Below you can find UW-Madison and general resources to assist you in creating or revamping your resume and cover letter.

UW Resume and Cover Letter Resources

UW offers various online and in-person resources for students looking to build or polish up their existing resume and cover letter. You can browse through these resources below.

  • L&S Resume and Cover Letter Assistance – The Career Services website through the College of Letters and Science offers general resources for writing resumes and cover letters as well as sample resumes and cover letters for a variety of populations. L&S also offers drop-in resume reviews for students who have quick career advising or resume questions. You can stop by the Middleton Building at 1305 Linden Dr. for a 15-20 minute session with a career advisor between 1:00 and 3:00, Mondays-Fridays.
  • Build Your Resume with Badger Careers – The Badger Careers website contains detailed and comprehensive information regarding resume basics, resume structure, and descriptive language to use when building your resume. They also provide sample resumes based on the type of career you are interested in.
  • Write Cover Letters with Badger Careers – The Badger Careers website has outlined tips and etiquette for writing cover letters as well as writing emails to future employers.  They provide sample cover letters along with sample emails you can use when first contacting a company and when following up with them.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshops – The Writing Center offers a variety of workshops available to all UW-Madison students around the topics of applications, resumes, and cover letters. You also can schedule a time to meet individually with a writing fellow to go over your pre-existing resume or cover letter.
  • Job Materials and Application Essay Tips – The Writing Center also provides many instructional materials that they have developed for their Writing Center teaching. These include informational material on writing application essays (and personal statements), resumes, cover letters, and business letters.

Other Resources

Your resume and cover letter can look different based on the type of work you are hoping to go into. It is important to note that those looking to apply for federal positions will have application materials that look different than the general resumes and cover letters that people tend to think of. Below you will find general tips for writing resumes and cover letters, along with tips for submitting a federal application

General Applications

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips – Monster.com is a site that seeks to connect people with job opportunities. They have a variety of articles to help guide you in the resume and cover letter writing process. They also share sample resumes and cover letters for you to utilize.
  • Cover Letter Development – The Job Accommodation Network has put together an easy and comprehensive guideline to use when writing your cover letter. They also provide a sample cover letter and sample cover letter templates.

Federal Applications

  • Federal Application Tips – GoGovernment has put together multiple resources to assist you in writing a federal resume, completing a federal application, and the steps that follow. It is important to be aware of what employers look for in a federal application as it can be substantially different from the general application process.
  • Schedule A Information – If you are an otherwise qualified individual with an intellectual disability, a severe physical disability, or a psychiatric disability, you may be able to apply for federal positions using the Schedule A process. Schedule A streamlines the hiring process for persons with disabilities and, in some instances, hiring officials may select solely from a list of qualified Schedule A applicants. The Equal Employment Oppportunity Commission's website contains information on Schedule A for applicants with disabilities as well as hiring authorities looking to use the Schedule A process.
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