Confidential Student File Access Guidelines

Students registered with the McBurney Disability Resource Center are permitted access to their personal confidential file under the following guidelines:

  1. Students requesting release of confidential information from their files to themselves or to third parties must submit an Authorization for Release of Information form.
  2. Within five business days of receipt of the Authorization for Release of Information form, McBurney will make one copy of documents in the file at no charge. File contents will be returned to the student as specified on the Authorization for Release of Information form (US postal, fax, in person pick up). For security reasons, file contents will not be sent via email.
  3. Students wishing to only view their file should make an appointment with their McBurney access consultant noting the purpose of the meeting is to review the file.
  4. Students should provide identity verification when picking up copies or viewing the file. Examples of appropriate ID include a UW student ID, driver’s license or other formal state or federal ID.
  5. A McBurney staff person must be with the student at all times while the student is viewing the file.
  6. Students may add documents, notes or other appropriate materials to their files; however, at no time may any part of the file be removed or altered.
  7. Students should refer to Disability Documentation and Confidentiality for an understanding of guidelines applying to the disclosure of disability information to university personnel for the purpose of implementing accommodations.
  8. For additional questions regarding access to your confidential file, please contact your access consultant or the McBurney Director.

Per McBurney’s records disposition protocol, records for students found eligible for accommodations are destroyed seven years after the last date of enrollment or eligibility for accommodations. Until 2024, limited information stored as an electronic record may be available for eligible students who were last enrolled after 1999.  All records (including disability documentation) for students who apply for accommodations but don’t complete the eligibility process are scheduled for destruction two months after the end of the academic year when the McBurney online application was first submitted.

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