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McBurney Disability Resource Center

Test Accommodation Policies and Procedures

Accommodating students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among faculty, students and the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Per Faculty Document #1143, faculty members are responsible for the educational activities of the institution, including the assessment of student learning in their courses. Thus, faculty are expected to work with students to identify and provide reasonable accommodations for assessment (See Faculty Document 1071). The McBurney Center has primary responsibility for determining eligibility for test accommodations and making recommendations to students and faculty regarding equitable testing processes. Students are responsible for timely notice and following established procedures for this service.

The Testing and Evaluation Office (T & E) serves in a limited capacity as an administrator of test accommodations involving assistive technology (screen reading software, text enlarging software or machines, voice recognition software, etc.) that cannot be provided by the department or the student. T&E may also be a resource to assist faculty when there are many student requesters in a class, all needing a variety of unique accommodations. In these cases, faculty should first contact the McBurney Center staff for assistance. Faculty and students should be aware of and adhere to T & E's policies and procedures. (See T & E's web site.)

The campus expectation is that all students take tests within the department. Coordinating test administrations, including accommodated tests, within departments maintains test integrity and test security. It offers students with disabilities the opportunity to have their questions asked and answered. They also benefit from hearing questions their peers may have and corrections and clarifications made by instructors on test content. Keeping students with disabilities in the class for tests gives them an equal opportunity to participate in the same evaluative process as all other students.

McBurney Responsibilities

  1. Review disability documentation and verify student eligibility for disability-related services.
  2. Recommend appropriate disability-related test accommodations on the student's Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations form (VISA). Recommendations for test accommodations are made by a McBurney accommodation specialist based on the student's individual needs, disability documentation, history of test accommodation service, recommendations from health care or educational specialists, and other relevant factors.
  3. Assist with converting exams to alternative formats (large print, audio, braille)

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Meet with the student to review recommended accommodations on the student's VISA and reach agreement on appropriate test accommodations for course exams.
  2. Provide reasonable accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the nature of the course.
  3. Arrange for proctoring within the department for all exams that don't require assistive technology.. See Test Accommodations Resource Guide for resources and additional information.
  4. Follow Testing and Evaluation Office procedures for exams that that cannot be provided by the department or student. Information on the T & E test accommodation request process can be found on T & E's web site.
  5. Maintain a student's confidentiality. Avoid discussing a student's test accommodation arrangements in front of the rest of the class.
  6. To address concerns, faculty can speak directly with the student, contact the McBurney Center or their department's Access and Accommodations Resource Coordinator. Faculty Document #1143 outlines faculty policy on test accommodations.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Obtain training on how to use the test accommodations service.
  2. Meet with instructors no later than the first 3 weeks of the semester. Students who incur or recognize a disability and the need for accommodation during the semester should immediately consult with the instructor. Requests made later in the semester may be difficult or impossible to accommodate.
  3. The McBurney Center provides the following recommendations for meeting with instructors to discuss test accommodations:
    1. Bring a copy of the VISA.
    2. Bring a copy of the Test Accommodations Faculty Letter (FAQ's-Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities).
    3. Bring the course syllabus and a copy of the class schedule.
    4. Consider describing how a disability affects exam taking and how accommodations attempt to compensate for any impact that disabilities have on taking exams.
    5. Discuss exam format if it impacts your accommodation needs.
    6. Share information (brochures) about the McBurney Center; often instructors are eager to assist students but are unfamiliar with methods or resources.
    7. Encourage your instructors to contact the McBurney Center or the department's Access and Accommodations Resource Coordinator (AARC) if they have questions or need some assistance.
  4. If an instructor wants to modify any recommended accommodations, speak with that instructor before taking the exam to decide upon reasonable accommodations. Once you've taken the exam and a grade is assigned, the test results generally stand. Accommodations or changes to grades are not made retroactively under most all circumstances.
  5. Uphold the integrity of the examination process. You are subject to procedures for academic misconduct outlined in Section 17.13 of the Student Disciplinary Guidelines.

Testing and Evaluation Office Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate and administer accommodated exams for students with disabilities when faculty/departments are unable to administer exams themselves due to use of adaptive equipment that cannot be provided by the department or student. Policies and procedures for taking exams at T & E are listed on T & E's web site.

Additional Questions

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the McBurney Center or the McBurney accommodation specialist listed on the student's VISA..

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