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Priority Registration Policy and Procedure

What is the purpose of priority registration?

Priority registration enables students to register earlier than their usual registration time in order to provide equal access to educational programs. Priority registration through McBurney generally applies only to undergraduates. (See footnote #1.) Graduate and professional students need to work individually with their departments. First semester freshmen and incoming transfer students are not eligible because (a) currently enrolled students register in the spring before freshman/transfer admissions processes are completed, and (b) incoming students must receive advising via the Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program prior to registering.

Who is eligible for priority registration?

Priority registration is available to students who:
  1. Need to schedule classes at specific times or locations to achieve equal access to educational opportunities. (See footnote #2.)
  2. Use captioning or interpreting services.

Eligibility is based on appropriate documentation of disability and is determined on a case by case basis. Students may discuss their eligibility with their accommodations specialist.

Once I am found eligible for priority registration, do I need to do anything to ensure that I receive priority registration each semester?

Eligible students will automatically have their names and specific registration status forwarded to the Registrar for the duration of their accommodation plan (VISA). If the registration time on the "invitation to register" does not reflect the appropriate priority registration time, students should contact their McBurney accommodations specialist immediately.

Could I lose the priority registration service?

Yes. Students who do not submit timely requests for captioning or interpreting services may lose the priority registration service. Priority registration is authorized for students who use these services because significant advance preparation on our part is required to provide the services.

Will priority registration exempt me from other registration requirements?

No. Priority registration does not exempt students from meeting general registration or other requirements for their school or college (e.g., prerequisites, academic holds, etc.). Academic holds and permission to register actions must be taken care of prior to registration. Please review your registration instructions carefully.


  1. Special students who use real time captioning or interpreting services may also be eligible for priority registration.
  2. Example: 1) A student using a wheelchair relies on paratransit services to get from class to class and must schedule courses to coincide with the available service; 2) A student participating in extensive therapy or other medical treatment/intervention (such as chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc.) requires significant scheduling flexibility; 3) A student's disability imposes classroom acccess constraints due to mobility speed, stamina and/or endurance across setting or time of day.
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