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Assistive Listening Device (ALD) Policy and Resource Sheet

General Information

While the usefulness and range of features of hearing aids has long been established, many hearing aid users still experience difficulty hearing in various situations (i.e., room acoustics, speaker style, course format). For these individuals as well as for individuals who do not wear hearing aids, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) can prove invaluable in helping to alleviate these gaps.

Three types of ALDs are available on a loan-basis to qualified students at UW-Madison with a documented hearing loss. These are: permanently installed infrared systems, induction systems and FM Systems. The FM is a personal amplified listening system primarily for individual uses; it consists of two devices, a transmitter/microphone for the speaker and a receiver for the listener. The infrared (IR) type, on the other hand, is installed permanently in a classroom or lecture hall where the signal (frequency) is transmitted to the listener through infrared light. The induction system resembles a portable type of infrared system that is not permanently a room fixture. Typical uses for an induction system are conferences and extended time (i.e., all day) events in one location.

Assistive Listening Device Locations and Resources

FM Systems: The McBurney Center, as well as several campus departments, maintains a supply of FM Systems available for use to qualified students and appropriate campus wide requests on a loan basis. You may request to borrow a FM System by contacting the McBurney Center at 263-2741 (V) or 263-6393 (TTY). The McBurney Center also carries the conference microphone, a device used with the FM System suited for interactive small-group situations (i.e. discussion section, small group meetings).

Infrared Systems (IR): Refer to the UW-Madison Campus Accessibility Information web site maintained by Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) for a listing of permanently installed infrared systems (click on ALD Listings tab) or contact the McBurney Center or the FP&M office at 263-3021(V) or 265-5147 (TTY). At present, most large classrooms are equipped with infrared systems. Infrared systems are added to university classroom on a continuous basis-- updates to the ALD web site are made accordingly. The McBurney Center may be contacted to facilitate the request and use of infrared systems.

Induction Systems: An induction system can be borrowed through the McBurney Center.

Process for Borrowing ALDs and Term of Uses

Contact the McBurney Disability Resource Center at 263-2741 (Voice- Front Desk) or 263-6393 (TTY-Front Desk) to arrange for the loan of a FM System, conference microphone and/or an induction system on a short-term and long-term loan basis.

Registered McBurney clients as well as other contacts falling within the scope of McBurney services (i.e., prospective students) have first priority for FM requests for academic uses. FM units will be loaned on an availability and appropriateness basis for requests outside the scope of McBurney services (i.e., UW department requests).

Please allow some advance coordination time when making ALD requests to ensure availability and set-up of requested ALD equipment. Discussion of event logistics, pick up/drop off arrangements, user training and administration time for equipment set-up may be required depending on the nature of request and user familiarity with device. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services staff may be asked to work with users of the transmitter (i.e., faculty) to achieve maximum auditory output effectiveness of the ALDs.

Policy for Borrowing ALDs

  1. Borrower provides documentation of a hearing loss (i.e., audiogram).
  2. Borrower is responsible for contacting the McBurney Center to borrow an ALD system in a timely manner.
  3. Borrower is responsible for replacing FM system batteries, if necessary. The McBurney Center will provide the first set of batteries to designated recipients of McBurney services.
  4. Borrowers will use ALD system(s) responsibly and return the system(s), in good working condition, at the end of each loan period.
  5. Borrower is responsible for returning the ALD to the McBurney Center at the end of the loan period for maintenance and cleaning, therefore guaranteeing the systems are in good condition for future use. Borrower's failure to return a unit may result in academic-related consequences such as the withholding of transcripts.
  6. Borrower is responsible for either replacing the unit or reimbursing McBurney for the repairs or the cost of a new unit if the FM system is lost or damaged due to reckless use.
  7. Borrower will use ALDs for curricular and co-curricular related needs.
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