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McBurney Disability Resource Center

Adaptive Technology Specialist - Remote CART


Do you have an interest in technology, customer service, and working with people with different (dis)Abilities?  Are you curious, inquisitive, and detail oriented?  Do you enjoy working in a team environment and figuring out innovative solutions to challenges and unique situations?

This position’s primary responsibility is to provide tech support for remote CART (live captioning) services following a regular schedule. Due to the nature of the schedule, we prefer availability in at least 3 of these high priority time frames:

  • Monday-Friday – 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Mondays - 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Wednesdays – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Fridays – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The McBurney Disability Resource Center is recruiting a student hourly employee for an Adaptive Technology (AT) Specialist position that works with professional staff, students, and faculty to implement accommodations that provide accessible instruction for students with disabilities here at UW-Madison.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience in disability and accessibility, which is increasingly becoming an important qualification in many fields.

This position’s primary service area is remote live captioning within AT, but will be cross-trained in aspects of the other areas of AT. 

  • Remote live captioning – Supporting the service that remotely provides live captions that are displayed on students’ laptops based on the audio in the classroom

The secondary areas include:

  • Post-production media captioning – Adding closed captions (CC) to videos shown in class and online
  • Document Conversion Service – Converting print materials to accessible formats for students with print-related disabilities
  • Furniture accommodations – Providing alternative tables and chairs to the standard furniture for students with mobility and health disabilities
  • Other AT Support - Supporting various other technology needs within AT and McBurney.

We are looking for creative students with versatile technology, troubleshooting, communication, and task management skills. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply. This position does not require extensive experience in adaptive technology, but do rely on the ability to quickly learn about unfamiliar technologies, problem-solve, adapt, and apply appropriate technology skills/standards. Training on the unique technology and software we use is provided. 

About the McBurney Disability Resource Center

The McBurney Disability Resource Center (part of the UW-Madison Division of Student Life) is a great place to work and gain valuable experience for your future career. The McBurney Center is a team-focused, collaborative environment that provides support services to UW-Madison students with visual, learning, hearing, mobility, and other disabilities.


A one-year minimum availability (e.g. through May 2018) is preferred for these positions, along with the availability to work during the summer and in January during winter breaks. While this position works with a lot of technology, a blend of strong interpersonal communication, writing/editing, and organization skills are crucial because this position regularly communicates with faculty/staff/students/vendors/IT and works with classroom materials.

  1. Current UW-Madison undergraduate or graduate student status.
  2. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (on a scale of 4).
  3. Excellent time management and organization skills.
  4. Excellent communication skills, both person-to-person and written.
  5. Customer service and quality driven.
  6. Constant attention to accuracy and detail.
  7. Strong proofreading and editing skills.
  8. Strong problem-solving abilities.
  9. Computer experience including e-mail, word processing, internet searching, and database use.
  10. Strong keyboarding skills.
  11. Familiarity with campus and campus resources preferred.
  12. Experience across Windows, Mac, and mobile devices is a plus.
  13. Experience with scanning software/hardware is a plus.
  14. Experience with audio/video software/hardware is a plus.
  15. Experience working with people with disabilities is a plus.
  16. Experience with databases, computer programming, and/or script writing is a plus.

Salary & Hours

  • $10.00-$14.00 per hour starting wage, dependent on qualifications.  These positions are eligible for two performance based raises (up to $0.50 each, up to $1.00 total) annually.
  • Averages 10-20 hours per week during McBurney business hours (8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday) and customized to the employee's class schedule. There is also an option for students who would prefer to work 20-25 hours per week.
  • Additional hours are usually needed around the start of fall and spring semesters, as well as during summer and winter breaks.
  • Flexibility and reduced schedule available during exam periods.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Starting Date

Upon hire (preferred start date is on or before August 18, 2017)

Application Procedure

  1. Download and complete application. If there are fields on the application that are already on your resume, it is OK to reference sections of your resume on the application and then attach the resume.
  2. Include your course schedules for the fall and spring semesters in the application or as an attachment, and indicate the days and hours you would be available.
  3. If you have any questions about the positions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  4. Submit your completed application via email (preferred for accessibility), in person, fax or mail. Please make sure that communications and the application include the title of the position that you are applying for.

For questions or to submit an application:

Patrick Sweeney
McBurney Disability Resource Center
702 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53715
(phone) 608-265-5468
(text) 608-225-7956
(fax) 608-265-2998
Email: patrick.sweeney@wisc.edu

Detailed Description & Responsibilities

Note: Please do not be overwhelmed by the length of the following section! This position’s primary service area is remote captioning services but the specialist will be cross-trained in some aspects of the other service areas as appropriate.

The AT Specialist may be involved with various aspects of the day-to-day operations of several services that provide accessible materials, instruction, and environments to students with disabilities.  Responsibilities vary a lot depending on the time of the year and semester. Some of the core responsibilities and tasks are listed for each of the service areas. 

Remote Captioning Services

Assists the McBurney’s Instructional Technology Consultant with delivering remote captioning services in the classroom and for online courses for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

  1. Checks remote audio quality, monitors captioning status, provides troubleshooting, and puts backup procedures into action when necessary.
  2. Researches classroom (physical and virtual) attributes and works with McBurney’s Instructional Technology Consultant to set up equipment/hardware needed to deliver (real-time) remote captioning.
  3. Tests remote set-ups prior to the start of the semester.
  4. Assists with trainings for students, McBurney staff, and faculty on using or providing remote captioning services.
  5. Coordinates with and supports McBurney and third-party CART (communication access realtime translation) stenographers

Post-Production Media Captioning

Assists the McBurney’s Instructional Technology Consultant with adding closed captions (CC) for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing to videos that faculty show in-class and online.

  1. Synchronizes transcripts to videos/media to create captions
    • Listens to audio, watches media, and synchronizes transcripts accurately to the media.
    • Check and edits caption files for accuracy, formatting, and standards compliance.
    • Integrates caption files with media and posts finished product in the appropriate format/location.
    • Updates service database with project status
  2. Other
    • Communicates with and provides technical assistance to faculty.
    • Picks up and delivers media.
    • Assists with checking local and national resources to locate and obtain captioned and subtitled versions of media.
    • Assists with testing media for captions.
    • Reviews and provides feedback on service documentation

Document Conversion Services

Assists the Accessible Learning Technology Coordinator and the Document Conversion Coordinator to identify, convert (electronic, audio, large print, Braille), and deliver accessible learning materials for students with print-related disabilities.

  1. Processes and researches requests for accessible materials from students.
  2. Checks local (bookstores, copy shops, libraries, and faculty) and national (publishers, book repositories, web sites, etc.) resources to obtain print, electronic, audio, large print, and Braille versions of reading materials.
  3. Converts materials into specified alternate format, including scanning when needed.
  4. Proofreads and edits electronic documents to ensure consistency between print and electronic versions.
  5. Installs AT software (e.g. Kurzweil 3000) for students and provides troubleshooting
  6. Provides service and software training for students.
  7. Distributes materials to students.
  8. Tracks requests in the service’s database.

Furniture Accommodations

Works with the students, Adaptive Technology Specialist, Facilities Planning and Management, Physical Plant, and accommodation specialists to provide furniture accommodations for students in the classrooms.

  1. Visits classrooms and assists with assessing routes/buildings/classrooms and determining student furniture needs for particular classrooms.
  2. Labels furniture in storage space for delivery.
  3. Communicates with Physical Plant when furniture is ready for delivery/pickup, and when changes are needed.
  4. Maintains furniture inventory and assists with identifying needs and trends.
  5. Tracks requests in the service’s database.

Supporting Other Technology within AT Services and McBurney

  1. Sets up technology in conference rooms and for videoconferences.
  2. Installs software in the AT Lab and McBurney rooms in the Libraries.
  3. Manages inventory and storage of AT and computer hardware.
  4. Writes and updates documentation.
  5. Records and summarizes service statistics.
  6. Creates accessible documents and forms for the Center.
  7. Assists with website creation and update of multimedia training materials.
  8. Films and photographs events for trainings.
  9. Other duties as assigned.
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