Post-Production Media Captioning for Departments for Pre-Recorded Videos/Media

If you are requesting sign language interpreting or live CART captioning for your event AND you will be showing media during the event, the McBurney Center can, with sufficient notice and early access, help produce the captioning for this media. The McBurney Center also works with instructors of record when there is an approved, student accommodation request for media captioning for a credit/timetable class.

Planning an Accessible Event

Event Planning Is the event/meeting space accessible? Mobility disabilities: Consider path of travel from outside the building into the room, aisle width (minimum of 5’), turning radius in the room, registration table placement, food and …

Training for Campus

The McBurney Center provides a variety of training an consultation to campus, including in-person and online. McBurney Center Foundations Modules

Foundations (Modules 1-3) – McBurney Disability Resource Center Disability Training Series

This professional development series has been created to assist the UW-Madison community in understanding the history, resources, policies and procedures associated with providing access and accommodations to individuals with disabilities on our campus. Modules 1-3 include an overview of the disability rights movement, the history of accommodation and services at the University of Wisconsin –…

Accessibility Taglines for Events

The McBurney Disability Resource Center recommends using an accessibility tagline on all public information advertising your event.  These statements give people with disabilities relevant information on who to contact for accommodations.Accommodations statement to include on program announcements and registration materials “If you need an accommodation to attend this event, please contact (name, event host/coordinator) at…

McBurney Connect

McBurney Connect provides online access for students, instructors, and notetakers to request and manage disability-related student accommodations. Additionally, departments can request and manage departmental interpreting and on-site CART captioning requests. Sign In New Student Application Sign Up as a Notetaker Faculty Login

Mission and Vision

Mission Leading the campus community forward in access for students with disabilities. Vision Our vision is a universally accessible educational community that fosters the full participation and contribution of every member, with individual accommodation needed only in unique or uncommon situations. Increase Programming and Opportunities for Students in Order to Build Community: We will create…