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How to Become a McBurney Client


Welcome! McBurney staff look forward to working with you throughout the McBurney application process and your entire Wisconsin Experience.

To begin, please carefully review both the "Timing is Everything" and the "Where to Start" sections below before proceeding to "Ten Steps to Become a McBurney Client".

Timing is Everything

Please note that the eligibility determination process may take up to 4 weeks (and possibly longer during busy times near the start of semesters or if additional disability documentation is needed). Once eligibility is determined, some services may then take up to an additional 4 to 6 weeks to set up. All together the process may take 8 to 10 weeks.

Plan carefully to allow enough time for services to be in place by the first day of classes. High school students should have disability documentation and other records sent to McBurney well before graduation since high school staff may be unavailable for consultation during the summer. We recommend that incoming freshman, transfers and graduate students contact our office as soon as they are admitted, especially students requesting any of the following services:

  • Interpreting
  • Captioning
  • Document Conversion Services (textbooks in audio or braille formats)

Students eligible for the services above (or other accommodations that require extensive preparation) may also be eligible for an early SOAR date through McBurney. Please discuss this with your accommodations specialist before making any travel plans.

Where to Start

We hope that most of your questions will be answered by reading through our website. The bulleted information below will direct you to where to continue reading based on your current student status or your disability status . If you have questions about any step in the process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Students Not Yet Admitted to UW-Madison: Please see Prospective Student Information before proceeding further.
  • Current UW-Madison Students Who Suspect They May Have a Disability But Have Never Been Diagnosed: Please see resources for undiagnosed students.
  • Current UW-Madison Students with Temporary Impairments: Check Referrals for Students with Temporary Impairments for resources that may meet your accommodation needs. McBurney does not generally provide services for students with temporary (less than 3 months) impairments, but we are happy to answer questions about the resources listed.
  • Current Students and Students Already Admitted to UW-Madison: Please follow the Ten Steps to Become a McBurney Client .
  • Returning Students Who Have Previously Used McBurney Services: Please contact your Accommodations Specialist to determine what is needed to reactivate services.

10 Steps to Become a McBurney Client (for Admitted or Current Students WITH DIAGNOSED CONDITIONS)

1. Register with McBurney.

  • Call our office to provide McBurney with your student ID number and other contact information.

2. Complete the Accommodation Request Form and return to McBurney.

3. Return disability documentation and additional supporting materials specific to your disability to McBurney:

Please review the Disability Documentation Policies and send the link below to the professional who will be submitting disability documentation and/or assessment forms on your behalf.

Disability Documentation Policies

4. Check your wisc.edu email for a message instructing you to schedule an intake appointment.

You will be asked to contact our front desk to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Accommodations Specialist. Incoming students may schedule phone intake appointments, if necessary.

5. Attend intake appointment.

A key component to determining eligibility for post secondary accommodation services is an intake interview with the student. During the intake interview, which may last 30-45 minutes, the student should be prepared to discuss:

  • Personal understanding of his/her diagnosed condition(s) and its(their) impact on overall educational needs
  • Relevant information related to academic, personal and social assets and challenges
  • Understanding of specific accommodations that are needed

During the intake appointment, you and your accommodations specialist will review your Accommodations Request Form and the disability documentation you've submitted. Eligibility for services is based on a combination of your description of your needs, the thoroughness of the disability documentation, and documentation policies.

If you haven't already submitted an Accommodation Request Form, you will be asked to complete it prior to your intake appointment. Please arrive early to allow time for this.

6. Eligibility for services is determined.

Admitted Students: If you need an eligibility determination before you pay your enrollment deposit, please send a written request to McBurney.

7. Accommodation/service plan called a VISA is developed.

After you complete your intake appointment and are determined eligible for services you may view your VISA (Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations). This is your recommended accommodations plan.

8. Attend training/orientation for services that require it.

  • New Freshmen Admitted to UW-Madison for the Fall Semester: You can obtain your training at the McBurney Orientation and Service Training (MOST) Program for Freshmen and Parents. If you are unable to participate, please contact the main desk to RSVP for one of the scheduled group training times.
  • Current Students, Transfers, New Graduate and Professional Students: Contact the main desk to RSVP for one of the scheduled group training times.

9. Request services.

You will receive instructions for requesting services at the service training sessions or from your accommodations specialist.

10. Follow-up, as needed.

For questions, please contact the service coordinator or your accommodations specialist.

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